Basic Laxer Terms

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Uncategorized

The goalie search is still going on for the lax team at Penn Manor High School, but nothing has changed lately and I want to give some basic terms that I will be using throughout my blog entries.

Lax bro outfit- fitted hat, nice hair sticking out of hat, sick shades, lax pinny, sweet shorts, and Nike WHITE mid calves

Flow- When a players hair sticks out of his helmet. However too much hair can really damage a players flow. Flow is also described as looking nice and wearing the lax bro outfit.

Spoon- used to represent a laxers stick

Lax girls- Girls that only go for laxers; this is a disease that once you date a laxer you’ll never change.. an addiction

Lettuce- used to describe a players hair

Bucket- Lacrosse players helmet

Tilt- a definite flow addition when a player looks through the top bar of helmet notice the increase in swag.

Rippin’ The Duck- Just a casual practice session rippin corners (tearing holes in the net)

Twine- used to describe the netting of the goal.. Players will often say they’re going to shred”twine”

^— These are the most popular terms used in lax discussion and when a new term comes across in future blogs I’ll be sure to explain first

  1. casseygraeff says:

    Connor good luck on your lax season and lax it up hardcore!!!!!

  2. secretlife92 says:

    I like your use of pictures! It makes your blog so much more interesting!

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