Poll Reflection On Favorite Sport To Watch

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

What’s your favorite Varsity sport to watch?

First Place: Lacrosse (13)

Second Place: Football (12)

Third Place: Other (8)

Fourth Place: Basketball (7)

Fifth Place: Soccer (4)

No surprise with LAX being number one with the whole blog revolving around the sport. Football wasn’t a surprise either being in the top because of the popularity in the country. The biggest upset to me was “other” being ahead of basketball and soccer. I wonder what sport you all pick when considering the “other” category. I know most of the voters came from my high school and am curious if the same poll was ran throughout all schools in my county/ state/ country. Many of the viewers of my blog are directed from searching “lax bro” into a google search engine and are most likely going to be lacrosse fans. Thanks for all the views regardless of what sport happens to be your favorite to watch!


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