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The District Bracket for the 2010-2011 lacrosse year is out-

1. Hempfield

Key Wins- Penn Manor, Ephrata, Carlisle, LCDS, Cumberland Valley

Key Losses- Manheim Township

2. Manheim Township

Key Wins- Hempfield, Penn Manor, LCDS, Ephrata, Peters Township

Key Losses- St Marys Annapolis

3. Red Lion

Key Wins- Cumberland Valley, South Western (twice), Dallastown

Key Losses- Susquehannock

4. Wyomissing

Key Wins- Governor Mifflin (twice), LCDS, Conrad Weiser

Key Losses- Exeter

5. Susquehannock

Key Wins- Red Lion, Cumberland Valley, Dallastown

Key Losses- South Western (2ot), Northern York

6. Ephrata

Key Wins- LCDS, Penn Manor, Hershey, Manheim Township, Carlisle

Key Losses, Hempfield, Manheim Township, Carlisle

7. Penn Manor

Key Wins- LCDS, Carlisle, South Western

Key Losses- Hempfield, Manheim Township, Ephrata

8. Northern York

Key Wins- Susquehannock, Cumberland Valley, South Western

Key Losses- Carlisle, Chambersburg, Hershey

9. Hershey

Key Wins- Carlisle, Northern York, Dallastown, Trinity

Key Losses- Ephrata, Conrad Weiser, Palmyra, Cumberland Valley (OT)

10. Conrad Weiser

Key Wins- Governor Mifflin (twice), Hershey

Key Losses- Exeter, Cocalico, Wyomissing (twice)

11. Carlisle

Key Wins- Northern York, Ephrata

Key Losses- South Western, Hempfield, Hershey, Cumberland Valley, Penn Manor,

12. South Western

Key Wins- Carlisle, Susquehannock (2OT), Dallastown (OT)

Key Losses- Dallastown, Penn Manor, Red Lion, Spring Grove, Northern York, Red Lion

13. Governor Mifflin

Key Wins- LCDS

Key Losses- Exeter, Wyomissing, Conrad Weiser (twice), Wyomissing

14. Cumberland Valley

Key Wins- Carlisle, Dallastown, Hershey

Key Losses- Warwick, Trinity, Susquehannock, Red Lion, Hempfield, Northern York

15. Dallastown

Key Wins- South Western

Key Losses- Susquehannock, South Western (OT), Cumberland Valley, Red Lion, Hershey, Red Lion

16. Lancaster Country Day

Key Wins- None

Key Losses- Governor Mifflin, Ephrata, Penn Manor, Hempfield, Wyomissing, Manheim Township, Warwick

Projected Picks

First Round

(1 vs 16) Hempfield over Lancaster Country Day. I see Hempfield winning this game but LCDS staying in this game because of their dominating face-offs.

(8 vs 9) Hershey over Northern York. Hershey’s star mid fielder won’t be contained by the Northern York defense and should be able to take over the game.

(4 vs 13) Wyomissing over Governor Mifflin. Wyomissing has already beaten Mifflin twice this season with a combined victory 17-23

(5 vs 12) Ill take the upset here with South Western over Susqy. South Western has the best pole from the york league along with a dominating starting mid field. The only problem South Western will face is the lack of depth.

(2 vs 15) Manheim Township will destroy Dallastown in this one. Don’t be surprised if Township runs the score up either.

(7 vs 10) Penn Manor over Conrad Weiser. I think the game will be a pretty even match but the Comets should win by atleast three.

(3 vs 14) Red Lion did lose their first game to Cumberland Valley, but Red Lion turned their season around and should win this game by atleast five goals.

(6 vs 11) Ephrata just came off a huge win over Hempfield and will most likely lose to Township in the League championship, but Ephrata should win this game by atleast five also. Ephrata’s goalie is the best goalie in the district and will help them out in this game along with the rest of their district tournament run.

Note: A team must win two games in the district tournament in order to qualify for the state tournament.


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