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This cartoon is sick! It demonstrates the game by showing brief details.


Huge hit

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This hit just shows so much.. It can explain the game in just one glance! There aren’t many rules for the game of lacrosse. There is really just two purposes for both teams and thats to put the ball in the back of the net.

Professional lacrosse is getting more and more popular each year, but I have a feeling some kids might not be getting tickets to a game for Christmas next year. According to the article posted below, the Boston Blazers are taking responsibility for the halftime -show gone “wrong.” The mascot known as “Scorch” was sitting on a chair in the middle of the field when 3 skanky looking women gave the mascot an intense lap dance. The New York Daily Times reported that fans were furious with the show and felt terrible for their kids who were trying to spectate a game. I personally find this article rather funny because of the mistake and since it was the mascot. These dancers shouldn’t be considered “laxitutes” because these women were not going for laxers!!!!

Basic Laxer Terms

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The goalie search is still going on for the lax team at Penn Manor High School, but nothing has changed lately and I want to give some basic terms that I will be using throughout my blog entries.

Lax bro outfit- fitted hat, nice hair sticking out of hat, sick shades, lax pinny, sweet shorts, and Nike WHITE mid calves

Flow- When a players hair sticks out of his helmet. However too much hair can really damage a players flow. Flow is also described as looking nice and wearing the lax bro outfit.

Spoon- used to represent a laxers stick

Lax girls- Girls that only go for laxers; this is a disease that once you date a laxer you’ll never change.. an addiction

Lettuce- used to describe a players hair

Bucket- Lacrosse players helmet

Tilt- a definite flow addition when a player looks through the top bar of helmet notice the increase in swag.

Rippin’ The Duck- Just a casual practice session rippin corners (tearing holes in the net)

Twine- used to describe the netting of the goal.. Players will often say they’re going to shred”twine”

^— These are the most popular terms used in lax discussion and when a new term comes across in future blogs I’ll be sure to explain first

The Search For A Varsity Goalie

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Shoooot! Theres no goalie… This seems to be the biggest problem for the Penn Manor lax team this off-season. I’ve been playing for the high school team for the past 4 years and was always spoiled with an all american division one goalie, Pete Deluca. However, Deluca is one year older than myself so finally being a senior comes with disadvantages. The junior varsity goalie has always been strong in net; however he has changed his mind about playing goalie when he finally arrived to his varsity spot this year. Unfortunately, all of the players have been working hard to improve themselves with inspirations of landing on a state tournament bid but there tends to be one important position on the field where the team has not made too much progress. The search for a varsity goalie is out and there has been rumors of a freshman that might be capable of stepping between the pipes for the comets lax club. More updates of the search will be up next week.

Hello world!

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